Take Action

Immediate Action

  • DEMAND that the Board acknowledge the Public's right to a VOTE on whether or not to contract out police services.
  • Be involved in the town's governance process — come to meetings and speak your mind.
    (KPPCSD website) (KPPCSD Agenda Mailing Sign-up)
  • Put up a yard sign and/or host a house party. (Just fill out the contact form below)
  • Send a letter/email to the KPPCSD Board demanding fiscal transparency regarding the use of unnecessary consultants, how (and if) bills are being paid, and what we are paying the General Manager to do. (KPPCSD email list)
  • Request that the KPPCSD Board fire the current General Manager for his mismanagement of District funds and District administration.
  • Demand that the KPPCSD work closer with the KFPD to ensure Kensington has a new Public Safety Building for Fire & Police.
  • Educate yourselves with the candidates running for the KPPCSD & KFPD races; vote in residents who will form a majority committed to real concern for the residents' input and who support a local police force.

Long-Term Action

  • Ask that the Board find and hire a permanent, able Kensington Chief of Police.
  • Request that Board accountability and functional governance be restored for Kensington. (e.g., Bring back useful minutes, provide greater financial reporting, reinstate the citizen committee for disaster preparation)
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