Setting the Record Straight

Our police department has kept Kensington one of the safest communities not only in Contra Costa County, but in the State of California, for over 50 years. They do this through community policing and personalized service. As cited in numerous consumer indexes, we are among the top 13 safest communities in California, due to our long history of independent, local control.

As referenced in Community Support for Independent Police Department, we have had a fully staffed police department of 8-10 officers with relatively stable leadership from 1978 on, until recently.

There has been some controversy over our police department, and much confusion and misinformation spread through various people's interpretations of recent events.

We maintain that our sovereignty as an unincorporated town could be compromised if we were to contract out our police services, and at minimum, the residents of Kensington have the right to VOTE before such a decision can be made.

Here's a summary of several key issues, backed by public documents to set the record straight.

Here are some pertinent, but unaffiliated sites:

See what our police do for you:

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