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Our COMMUNITY is currently being threatened by a board majority who no longer seems to represent the interests of the greater community.

We are a group of Kensington residents who care deeply about preserving the integrity and sovereignty of our beloved town and who want clear, transparent, and representative governance in Kensington.

This site was created in an effort to educate the public in support of our community, and should be considered fair comment and our opinion. We can not claim journalistic accuracy for every detail on this site. However, we have done our best to compile this information based on our research and analysis from several different sources, citing references where possible, including:

  • Board documents & other public agency reports
  • Public press releases
  • Kensington Past & Present, Centennial Edition
  • The Outlook articles and other newspaper articles
  • Informal interviews with residents

Kensington has always been a COMMUNITY of engaged citizenry, made up in large part by grassroots, self-organizing volunteers and organizations, united in creating and maintaining a beautiful, safe, and thriving place for all of us to live.

Our COMMUNITY is currently being threatened by a board majority who no longer seems to represent the interests of the greater community.

It is for this reason that we have come together; to exercise our rights and civic duties, and to educate our friends and neighbors about the importance of the Kensington Police Department (KPD) to Kensington's foundation. We are working together to SAVE OUR COMMUNITY'S SENSE OF COMMUNITY.

Without the KPD, Kensington may cease to exist as the town we know and love.

Thank you for your care and attention to the information we offer here. We hope it will clarify and illuminate some of the issues urgently facing our town, and to engage citizen participation.

Dakota McKenzie
2018 KPPCSD Board Candidate (ran with the endorsement of the California Democratic Party). Moved to Kensington in 1972 with family, resident for 15 consecutive years

Cindy Ma
Media & Communications Consultant, 6-year Kensington resident & mother of 3

Steve Caramia 
Web design, 15-year Kensington resident

Macey Keung
Poster design


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